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ATTENTION! This project is ongoing untill 10 juli 2018 all donations for this project done after this date will be added to other future projects.

Project Internet

To support a better education and to increase the longterm chances of these children the Digital Sangha foundation will invest in creating internet connection for the school. Better information is the base for better education.


This project is in cooperation with the ICEMAN CHARITY

€ 1200 voor internet aansluiting scholing
Goal 1200€ 99%

VR meditation

Several scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of meditation as a tool for happiness and a great way to improve our general health.

Meditation is part of the path of the buddha to help all  in this world to be more happy, that is why the digital sangha foundation is creating a multi-platform meditation tool with Virual Reality abillity to create a free high-end meditation guidance and support tool so anyone from beginner to advanced meditation practitioner in the world can create a better life for themselves and for others. 

€ 50.000 VR applicatie
Tussenstand 0%


The iceman charity has been supporting the Wat Sakraeo Orphanage for many years now and it will keep supporting the orphanage. Please support the ICEMAN CHARITY for continuous support for the orphanage.

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Alle foto’s van project wat sakraeo orphanage en de kinderen op deze pagina komen zijn eigendom van the ICEMAN CHARITY en zijn met toestemming van the ICEMAN CHARITY gepubliceerd rechten voorbehouden  ICEMAN CHARITY 2018